Dear Prospective Chamber Member,

At the Huron Chamber of Commerce (Chamber), we believe people do business with who they know, so we create opportunities for businesses to connect with each other and build business relationships.
The Huron Chamber is comprised of approximately 200 local business members who work together for the betterment of our community. We are passionate about improving our community while we grow healthy businesses. We are a volunteer driven association with a Board of Directors and volunteer committees that work collaboratively to meet our goals and mission. The Chamber is committed to the following Objectives:

o Advocating on behalf of the local business community.
o Promoting local businesses to residents and visitors.
o Partnering with other groups and organizations to work together on joint initiatives.
o Coordinating educational and networking opportunities for businesses.
o Providing information and resources to new and existing businesses.

We do this by adhering to our Core Values. We are a business-driven organization that values a strong socially responsible business climate. We value a pro-active business approach to matters of importance to our community. The Chamber values community leadership in all sectors striving to exemplify the best in business. We value our role as advocates for business to constructively influence public policy and government.

“To be the voice of business dedicated to the promotion of economic development and prosperity for the enrichment of the community” is our commitment to our members and business community. As business members we need to promote a viable and healthy civic and business climate. This year as always promises to be an exciting and challenging time as we continue to grow, and provide more value. Together we can make Huron County the place to live and do business in Southwestern Ontario.
If you have any questions about membership, sponsorship opportunities, or just some thoughts to share please contact us at

Mark D Woodward Operations Manager
p.p. John Peet
Huron Chamber of Commerce
Goderich, Central and North Huron