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A program that matches post-secondary students with jobs is still on the radar for this summer. The Operations Manager for the Goderich, North and Central Huron Chamber of Commerce says a Federal Student Work Place Program offers employers wage subsidies of up to 50% to a maximum of $5,000. Health Boa explains, the program matches post-secondary students with businesses that are willing to offer them meaningful work. To learn more and read the full article
With more than a year of the COVID-19 pandemic under our belt, fears about the mental health impacts, concerns over family members, uncertainty over the economic risk and extended social isolation are all factors for distress. Early into the pandemic the Security General of the United Nations acknowledged the concern over mental well-being and stated it as a priority to be addressed. It’s very likely that your employees are experiencing mental health set backs as
The Operations Manager for the Chamber of Commerce in Goderich, Central Huron and North Huron, says the business community understands the need for them to do their part to keep people safe and stop the spread of COVID-19, Bob Montgomgery reported in a news release. Businesses also understand how important it is that there is space in our hospitals for people to recover, so it is important to keep the numbers down in our regions.
The Chamber Partnership Initiative brings together local chambers, small and medium sized enterprises, job seekers, and post-secondary institutions to support economic recovery and opportunities for student job seekers from coast to coast, across Canada.Huron Chamber of Commerce – Goderich, Central and North Huron is among the local chambers across Canada that will partner with Magnet to connect chamber members to the Magnet platform, a digital social enterprise at Ryerson University, in partnership with the Ontario
HURON COUNTY – Ontario’s 2021 Budget provides supports to confront the current health crisis and lays the foundation for a strong and inclusive economic recovery, especial here in rural areas of the province, says the Huron Chamber of Commerce – Goderich, Central and North Huron. “The budget includes new initiatives related to tourism, training and broadband infrastructure to enable a strong economic recovery on Ontario’s West Coast,” said Heather Boa, who is the operations manager for