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The Chair for the Chamber of Commerce for Goderich and North and Central Huron was on hand Tuesday to say thank you to some of the volunteer groups that have helped antigen kits to local employers, according to an article on CKNX. Read the full article here.
GODERICH –  Today, the Huron Chamber of Commerce – Goderich, Central and North Huron and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Ontario and Canadian governments, launched the COVID-19 Rapid Screening Initiative. Through this initiative, the Huron Chamber of Commerce will roll out free rapid tests for small- and medium-sized businesses in Goderich and area. “Chambers of commerce and boards of trade have been indispensable resources in their communities since the onset of

Rapid Test Q & A

Posted by Operations Manager on  11 May, 2021
Category: Local News
How many staff can go to pick up and train for the screening kits and masks? Due to safety protocols and our training area, we are limiting in-person visits to the facility. Send ONLY one person to pick up kits or masks. Can I just drop in and pick up kits and masks for refills of my order? While we will make it much faster for you as we will have you in and out
A program that matches post-secondary students with jobs is still on the radar for this summer. The Operations Manager for the Goderich, North and Central Huron Chamber of Commerce says a Federal Student Work Place Program offers employers wage subsidies of up to 50% to a maximum of $5,000. Health Boa explains, the program matches post-secondary students with businesses that are willing to offer them meaningful work. To learn more and read the full article
With more than a year of the COVID-19 pandemic under our belt, fears about the mental health impacts, concerns over family members, uncertainty over the economic risk and extended social isolation are all factors for distress. Early into the pandemic the Security General of the United Nations acknowledged the concern over mental well-being and stated it as a priority to be addressed. It’s very likely that your employees are experiencing mental health set backs as