Cover of 2024 Federal BudgetThe 2024 federal budget, while introducing no major surprises, presents a mix of opportunities and challenges for our local business community in Huron County. We are encouraged by the government’s investments in AI, housing, and internal trade as these investments are critical for fostering innovation and addressing housing affordability, potentially benefiting many within our community.

Capital Gains Tax Changes
The adjustments in capital gains tax present a double-edged sword. While the increases in the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption could benefit many entrepreneurs, the overall hike in the inclusion rate to 66.7% could disadvantage owners of medium-sized businesses and sectors excluded from new incentives. These changes necessitate a cautious approach to ensure that our diverse business ecosystem is not adversely impacted.

Environmental Policies and Rebates
The introduction of carbon tax rebates for small and medium-sized enterprises is a welcomed development, potentially easing financial pressures for numerous businesses across Huron County. Similarly, the initiatives surrounding the EV Supply Chain Investment Tax Credit suggest a positive move towards sustainable business practices which we support.

Enhancing Internal Trade
The emphasis on streamlining internal trade to fortify Canada’s economic foundation is a significant highlight. Removing barriers to interprovincial trade could substantially benefit our local economy by making it easier for Huron County businesses to operate across provincial lines.

Digital and Cybersecurity Enhancements
Investments to boost digital infrastructure and cybersecurity are crucial. However, the execution of these initiatives needs to be ambitious enough to safeguard and propel Canadian businesses forward in an increasingly digital economy.

The Need for Comprehensive Economic Strategies
There is a pressing need for a strategic approach to broader economic challenges, from manufacturing and life sciences to talent development and international trade. Policies should not only provide temporary relief but should also pave the way for long-term growth and competitiveness.

The Huron Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to analyzing these developments closely and advocating for conditions that nurture economic growth and business prosperity in Huron County. We will continue to engage with stakeholders and policymakers to ensure that the needs and potential of Huron County’s businesses are effectively represented and supported at all levels of government.

We encourage our members to share their thoughts on the federal budget with us.  Send your feedback to