Goderich Mayor's Luncheon

The annual Goderich Mayor’s Luncheon was held on May 9th at the historic Beach St Station. This year’s gathering was not only a celebration of the longstanding partnership between the Town of Goderich and the Huron Chamber of Commerce, dating back to the days of the Goderich Board of Trade in 1875, but also a dynamic forum for outlining future visions and acknowledging our shared achievements.

Goderich Mayor Trevor Bazinet speaking at a microphoneReflecting on a Rich History and Collaborative Future

Jodi Snell, the Chair of the Board, opened the event by recalling the Chamber’s evolution from its origins in 1875 to its current role at the heart of the community. Snell emphasized the critical role of the Chamber in fostering local economic and social initiatives, thanking our sponsors, particularly Compass Minerals as the Title Sponsor, along with Major Sponsors B.M. Ross & Associates, Akromold Limited, and Jokey Plastics North America for their continued support and commitment.

Strategic Visions from Mayor Trevor Bazinet

Mayor Trevor Bazinet highlighted the collaborative spirit of the current Council, which has been instrumental in advancing significant projects like the downtown infrastructure project. His speech set the tone for the event, focusing on teamwork and strategic planning that promises to enhance Goderich’s charm and accessibility.

Insights on Universal Accessibility

Following the Mayor, Raj Mohabeer from GSP Group spoke about the downtown infrastructure project, detailing plans to create a universally accessible environment in Goderich’s core. His talk aligned closely with the day’s theme of inclusivity, outlining specific improvements aimed at enhancing mobility for all residents and visitors.

Julie Sawchuk, renowned accessibility expert, continued the discussion on inclusivity, addressing the broad spectrum of physical challenges, including those that are not immediately visible. Sawchuk’s advocacy for comprehensive planning that accommodates every citizen underscored a key message of the luncheon: inclusivity means considering all aspects of accessibility.

Celebrating Community and Looking Forward

The luncheon was a tremendous success, encouraging dialogue among business leaders and community members about Goderich’s strategic future. The insightful presentations by the speakers highlighted the event’s role in promoting networking and collaboration within the community.

As we look ahead, the Huron Chamber of Commerce remains dedicated to building on this legacy of partnership and progress. Thanks to the enduring support of our members and sponsors, we continue to champion the development of Goderich, ensuring it remains a welcoming and vibrant community for everyone.