Goderich CAO Janice Hallahan, Sgt. Matt Hummel, Huron OPP Detachment Commander - Inspector Jason Younan, Staff Sergeant Andrew MacIsaac, Sgt. Lynn McNichol, Deputy Mayor Leah Noel, Mayor Trevor Bazinet, Michaela Johnston - Accessibility & Health and Safety Manager, Lynn Beatty - Manager Goderich BIA, Colin Carmichael - Executive Director Huron Chamber of Commerce, Constable Jamie Stanley, and Constable Craig Soldan - Community Safety Officer Huron OPP

This afternoon marked an important stride towards enhanced community safety in downtown Goderich, as our Executive Director, Colin Carmichael, joined local leaders and officials, including Mayor Trevor Bazinet, Deputy Mayor Leah Noel, CAO Janice Hallahan, and Michaela Johnston, Accessibility and Health & Safety Manager, alongside Lynn Beatty, Manager of the Goderich Business Improvement Area (BIA), and several local OPP officers, embarked on a walkabout around the iconic Goderich Square.

Steve and Mary Bruce (Steve and Mary's on the Square) learn about the CAMSafe program with Mayor Trevor Bazinet

Sgt. Matt Hummel and Goderich Mayor Trevor Bazinet explain the CAMSafe program to Steve and Mary Bruce (Steve and Mary’s on the Square).

The purpose of this initiative was to inform business owners about the benefits of participating in CAMSafe, a new community-based program aimed at harnessing the power of security cameras to aid in crime prevention and investigation. The program encourages both residential and commercial property owners to voluntarily register their security cameras into a database that will serve as a crucial resource for police during criminal investigations.

For our members in the business community, CAMSafe offers a unique opportunity to contribute directly to their own security and that of their surroundings. By registering cameras, businesses not only deter crime but also expedite police investigations, potentially speeding up responses to incidents like robberies or even more serious crimes.

Joining CAMSafe is about enhancing the collective vigilance of Goderich. The process is simple and respects privacy: registrants control their own camera data and share footage only if they choose to do so after a direct request from law enforcement.

The Chamber of Commerce proudly supports this initiative, recognizing the pivotal role our members can play in fostering a safer business environment. We encourage all local businesses to consider joining this program, reflecting our commitment to community safety and proactive crime prevention.

For more information on how to register your security cameras with CAMSafe, please visit camsafe.ca. Together, let’s keep Goderich safe.