The Huron Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be acting as the facilitator for the upcoming “Town of Goderich Strategic Action Plan Community Townhall Information Session.” This pivotal event, set to bring together residents and the Town Council, is an essential platform for dialogue and community engagement.

As an independent local advocacy organization, the Chamber is committed to fostering transparent communication and collaboration between the community and its leaders. Our mission has always been to support the economic and social well-being of our region, and facilitating this townhall aligns with our core values.

Championing Community Engagement

Hosting and moderating this session underscores our dedication to ensuring that the voices of Goderich’s residents are heard and valued. The Strategic Action Plan is a roadmap for the town’s development from 2023 to 2027, and community feedback is crucial to its success. By providing an impartial forum, we aim to enhance the effectiveness of this plan and support the Council in meeting its objectives.

Our Executive Director, Colin Carmichael, will moderate the session. Colin brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of local governance to this role. As a former school board trustee and a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University with a BA in political science, Colin’s background equips him to lead a productive and balanced discussion. His experience in local politics and community advocacy will ensure the session remains focused and inclusive.

The Chamber’s Role

In our capacity as facilitators, the Chamber will:

  • Provide an Independent Platform: Ensuring an unbiased environment where community members can freely express their thoughts on the Strategic Action Plan.
  • Moderate the Session: Colin Carmichael will guide the proceedings, ensuring that the discussion remains on topic and that all voices are heard.
  • Support Constructive Feedback: Encourage residents to share constructive feedback and suggestions that will help refine and improve the Strategic Action Plan.

This townhall is not just an opportunity for the Council to report on progress but a critical moment for the community to influence the future direction of Goderich. All Council members will be present to listen to public input, though no town staff will attend, maintaining the focus on strategic objectives rather than operational details.

Why This Matters

At the Huron Chamber of Commerce, we believe that community-driven decision-making is vital for sustainable growth. By facilitating this townhall, we aim to bridge the gap between residents and their elected representatives, fostering a stronger, more collaborative community.

We are proud to support this initiative and look forward to a productive session that will ultimately benefit all residents of Goderich. While our Chamber encompasses the Town of Goderich as well as the townships of Central Huron and North Huron, this specific partnership with the Town of Goderich highlights the value of such collaborations. We are eager to explore similar opportunities with other municipalities to further serve and engage our broader community.

We encourage all community members to join us for this important event. Together, we can ensure that the Strategic Action Plan reflects the collective vision and aspirations of Goderich’s residents.

Event Details:

Date: May 22, 2024
Time: 7pm
Location: Goderich Memorial Arena

We look forward to seeing you at the townhall and working together to enhance our community’s future.

UPDATE: The Strategic Action Plan Update presented to Goderich Council on May 21 can be downloaded HERE