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Talk with Kids About Money

HIEC is a A nonprofit organization that is a joint venture between industry, education and community partners whose main purpose is to enhance career education and help youth make informed career decisions.

Talk with Our Kids about Money

Are you talking to your kids about money? The ability to understand basic money management is imperative for young people to understand the economic world around them and to ensure they stay financially stable throughout life. That’s why HIEC is proud to coordinate the financial literacy program Talk with Our Kids about Money in Ontario.

To get the conversation started, we’re encouraging all homes and classrooms across Canada to partake in activities and conversations about financial literacy on Talk with Our Kids about Money Day on Wednesday, April 17, 2019.

The Talk with Our Kids about Money website gives you access to financial literacy resources that will support you as you help your child gain the knowledge and skills required to make responsible economic and financial decisions. You can access the website at:

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